Local Street Gaurds !!

He accompanied him… all through to the end of the street with his tail following some unclear moves of dance. His Stomach was shrunk but his tail narrated a different story. A sudden happiness was clearly evident. Expecting a praise & some biscuits, he did follow him and in return received ignorance. He glared the man until … More Local Street Gaurds !!

The Blind.

Sitting beneath the sweltering Sun, he thought he could eat today. And those 4 rupees on the mat were his investments for the day. Thousand or more brightest faces crossed him. Some of them showed mercy but no pennies. Still he was expecting a turn around. With a blurred vision. But when the night replaced the day … More The Blind.

Who am I ??

I’m an alcohol hard to consume, I’m a photograph in need of zoom. I’m the humour without any smile, I’m a journey travelled zero mile. I’m a king in need of  crown, I’m a chocolate without colour brown. I’m a painting crying for an art, I’m a life soul whose living apart. I’m a destination yet to reach, I’m a … More Who am I ??

Do great. Be humble.

Do great. Be humble. We often turn braggart after reaching a milestone. But the purposeful pleasure is in staying humble & courteous. Be an achiever and stay gentle. Greet everyone. Pass smiles to unknown faces. Embrace the weak. Support the needy. Stay at the top  with your feet attached to ground. And then you will see … More Do great. Be humble.

GMCS 44!!

  Modulate your voice, Is what they said, But we paid no heed, And entertainments were praised. Concentrate on your body language, Gestures do speak. But no one listened to them, We all are just a freak. Those faculty Members, they already knew.. That these professionals too haven’t grew. And hence they too, shared a … More GMCS 44!!